Daily Notes

Notes for May 13

– Welcome Major Johnson! You and your family make Legacy even better.

– Please get your uniform cleaned and ready for turn-in by 21 May. The 23rd is last day if exception needed.

– We will not be using official PT uniform after Friday so you can wash.

– Military Signing Ceremony is at 6 pm on May 14th. Boys’ State meeting is the same night, and your parent is also encouraged to attend info meeting. Give SFC a call if needed.

– Color Guard tasking 3-8 pm on May 18th with banquet dinner. We are honoring the flag with Vietnam veterans.

– Please work hard on your classes. We are nearly at school year end. Yes!!

– Graduates, you have done great.

Color Guard Honors Vietnam Vets

The Bronco Color Guard honored the 1st Cavalry Division 2-8 Infantry “Sky Warriors” (Air Assault) Saturday. The soldiers and their families told many interesting stories and celebrated their 50th Anniversary. The unit rembered eight Sky Warriors that have passed this year. We were in great company of heroes that served the American nation and made tremendous sacrifices.

Thank each of you for your commitment to freedom, both in the jungles of Vietnam and elsewhere around the globe before and even since 1970. Our country is grateful. ‘We will never forget’.

Uniforms are Past Due Now

Please wash PT Uniform and dry clean all other items. Sergeant Watkins and Major Johnson will let you turn in before school, during lunch or after school.

This week you will receive a 70 for final uniform turn-in, as it is late.

Honor Guard for Saturday will meet at The Center for Performing Arts in Class B at 1230 next Saturday. You will pass out the programs until 3 pm and will change at The Center. Please bring your blue coat and black windbreaker. Sergeant will accept complete uniforms at his van after we are changed.

Any uniforms not turned in now are added to the student fines list and we would like to have all cleared by Friday. Thank you goes out to all parents and cadets that help get uniforms turned in for accountability.

Want to be Honor Guard?

If you would like to dress in uniform for a very large crowd, Honor Guard is an opportunity. You will keep your uniform and wear Class B’s to pass out graduation programs from 12:30 to 3:15 on Saturday, May 25th. You report to the Center for the Performing Arts with civilian clothing, blue coat and windbreaker in a bag. After mission complete, our instructors will receive your uniform outside the Center. You have to bring the entire uniform. What a good way to earn your Honor Guard Badge- seeing our graduates off to life after high school.

Uniform Return Expectations

Cadets need to have the following items professionally dry-cleaned. The receipt must also be turned in to verify accuracy:

Windbreaker, blue coat, shirt, blue slacks.

The following must be cleaned in the washer and be dry:

PT shirt and shorts.

Shoes must be completely cleaned, including soles and edges where sole and uppers join.

Beret, belt, name tag, cords and award ribbons are returned.

Please write and follow a checklist, as we can not accept partial or dirty turn-ins because it is a sanitation hazard. Missing items are still the property of US Government. After 21 May, shortages result in a fine on the student Skyward account. Thanks for helping get this done!

JROTC Presenting Colors for Vietnam Reunion

The Legacy Color Guard will be presenting the nation’s colors for 1st Cavalry Division veterans from the years 1965-1966 in Vietnam on Saturday, May 18th from 3-8 pm. Parents will need to sign an MISD Permission Slip so we can take the team to the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel of DFW North in Irving. Dinner will be provided at no expense to cadets.