Legacy High School JROTC started at the former Kowbell Arena site in 2007. The program remained an NDCC throughout school years 2008 and 2009. In 2009, Cadet Command formally accepted the program as a JROTC program. The first Army Instructor was LTC John Lubbers and the first Army Instructor was MSG James Law. The school selected SGM Eric Smith as SAI in 2010. In 2015, SFC James Watkins transferred here from Mansfield High School to replace MSG Law. Mr. Law became the new Associate Principal at Rogene Worley Middle School.scroll_website

The Bronco Battalion is widely acclaimed for its exceptionally high standards. This is not a place for the weak at heart. Our cadets excel at drill and ceremonies and win countless trophies each year. The program won 5th Place at the Army Nationals Drill Competition in 2015 and 9th Place nationally in 2016. Most recently, the Iron Broncos won the Army 5th Brigade Drill Championships in San Antonio, Texas on February 4, 2017. Their next trek takes them again to the Nationals on April 1, 2017.


We welcome boys and girls from all walks of life- but please know that our standards are not flexible. Experience has taught that cadets excel in an environment where each is expected to strive for perfection in all they do- whether the issue is appearance, grades in all subjects, or adherence to family expectations- we are all about doing the right thing. This is truly a great JROTC program in which you may both learn and lead. As always, we look forward to meeting you and discovering your inner capabilities.


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